Our Vision for the Future

by | Feb 2, 2024

  • Save the Grade 2 listed building which has been empty since 2010 and maintain it for future generations
  • Open the Old Hospital Cottage for all the community of Cranleigh to use
  • Create a new meeting space on our High Street focusing on health, well-being and education
  • There will be four rooms available for rental, which will generate an income to pay towards the running costs
  • A digital archive will be launched alongside the project to capture the rich history of Cranleigh and the Cottage Hospital movement
  • The history of the building and how it started the creation of the NHS will be featured in the Old Hospital Cottage

How will we fund the project?

Essential restoration work and careful modernisation require at least £800k, for which the Cranleigh Heritage Trust has won initial support from the National Lottery Heritage Fund.

To achieve full funding the Trust must now present a full and detailed project proposal to the National Lottery by Autumn 2024

Route to Opening


The NHS no longer uses the cottage as a rest space for staff working at Cranleigh Village Hospital. The building stands empty and in increasing disrepair.


The NHS Properties division agrees to lease the Old Hospital Cottage to a community group.


Cranleigh Heritage Trust is formed as a charity run by volunteers.

2023 – Initial backing is won

Cranleigh Heritage Trust wins support from the National Lottery Heritage Fund to develop a thorough business and development plan.

2024 – Goal: Secure full funding

By the autumn a final proposal will be submitted to the National Lottery Heritage Fund. The aim is to secure the full grant necessary to restore and modernise the cottage for a new role within the Cranleigh community. The outcome is expected by the Autumn.


If investment is won from the National Lottery, restoration work will begin in early 2025 and doors will open to the public in 2026.